Ubuntu 16.04 - Unity - Laggy window resize when using NVIDIA GPUs

After some time trying to ignore the resize window lag I hit my limit, every time I have chrome, chromium or any electron enabled app running the window resizing becomes excruciatingly slow in Unity.

After some searching around and looking in Chrome/Chromiums bug databases it seems that whenever you run the browser with GPU acceleration enabled this issue occurs. If it's NVIDIAS fault or if it's the devs behind Chrome/Chromium I can't say... But I did manage to find a fix for it.

Do note that this doesn't apply if you're using the Nouveau driver.

Upgrade Windows 10 Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04

First off, this is unsupported, so do it at your own risk. You have been warned!

The Linux Subsystem (WSL) is a great thing on Windows 10. All cred to Microsoft for this. Well done so far. But there is one annoying thing here, the Ubuntu version is still 14.04 and albeit being a LTS release, 16.04 has been out long enough to have recv. it's first patch release. My servers has already been upgraded for example. So it is only natural that I would like to upgrade my Win10 Ubuntu install to 16.04 as well.

But, there are some problems, and this is that it is not supported to run, or more concrete, it crashes when you try to run the upgrade... So, let's see what we can do to work around this issue and try to upgrade...

ZFS Notes

Here I have my own notes and commands list for ZFS usage.

Ubuntu 16.04 WiFi issues - How to perhaps fix it for you as well...

UPDATED - There have been plenty of reports regarding WiFi issues on Ubuntu 16.04. The majority of issues seems to stem from suspend/resume issues where the network would not re-connect, show the wrong icon in the top bar or similar.

The temporary workaround for this is to restart the network manager if you have no network at all, or, if you have network but the nm applet is showing the wrong status, just restart the nm applet.

Restart network manager.
sudo service network-manager restart

Restart the nm applet.
killall nm-applet && nm-applet &

How to fix it

So, this might or it might not work for you dep. on what issue you've been experiencing...

Fixing SUSE Tumbleweed Live ISO boot hang

I had some issues with the SUSE Tumbleweed live image when booting from a USB stick. I used the live-fat-stick (https://github.com/cyberorg/live-fat-stick) from Ubuntu to create my USB stick.
If you get a hang during boot where Journaling won't complete you most likely are hitting this issue. What happens here is that it tries to mount a persistence partition, and this will fail and it will just try and try again without succeeding...

Running Mono from crontab

When I tried to get crontab to execute one of my mono compiled assemblies it failed with the error of not being able to resolve the assembly. The problem, after some investigation boiled down to the very simple fact of it not executing the script from the expected working directory. Easy enough to fix...

A session at DevSum 2013

Me and my co-worker Jevgeni Tsaikin will be doing the session "Skype for Windows Phone Does TDD" at DevSum 2013.

Join us as we walk you down our path towards Test-Driven Development. Over the last year, as we moved to adopt this approach, we overcame many obstacles, both technical and non-technical. In this session we are going to share the steps we took to making TDD our standard. We will dive into many technical details:

Fixing error C2338: Test writer must define specialization of ToString<> error

Visual Studio 2012 ships with a new Native C++ test framework. When writing tests and hitting a error message like this:
error C2338: Test writer must define specialization of ToString<const Q& q> for your class class
std::basic_string<wchar_t,struct std::char_traits<wchar_t>,class std::allocator<wchar_t> >
__cdecl Microsoft::VisualStudio::CppUnitTestFramework::ToString<SomeType>(const SomeType &).

My new favorite C# language feature: [CallerMemberName]

With the release of Visual Studio 2012 and C# 4.5, [CallerMemberName] makes its entrance. With this new awesome feature you can write INotifyPropertyChanged code without having to worry about renaming properties and keeping strings in sync for the call to OnPropertyChanged(…).

Are you using Canary tests for complex test?

If not, you should, and here is why, Canary tests is an internal test of your test setup and should be used when you have a complex setup method. The Canary is a internal test of your test setup.

A great example of when a Canary tests should be used, you have some sort of dependency injection with configuration files, and after refactoring you might have changed some names etc invalidating your wiring configuration.

Here is a quick example in C# using MSTest:

WP7 BingMapsDirectionsTask bug(s)

Microsoft and WP7 are still struggling with encodings other than en-US (US-ASCII). A great example of this is the BingMapsDirectionsTask found in the WP7 Mango API's.

Calling this task with a culture like Swedish where the decimal separator is a , (comma) character instead of a . (dot) character, will make it fail to parse latitude & longitude data. This is 2011, soon to be 2012, how can the WP7 team miss something so crucial and in my eyes, obvious use case.

Microsoft's App Hub - Broken payment system and annoyance

I finally got my hands on the new HTC Titan device, it will mainly be used for developing apps. This brings us directly to the registration and payment process for Microsofts App Hub, it's required to be a paying member to be able to deploy applications to the App Hub and to be able to run & debug your applications from Visual Studio on your own device.

The experience for signing up and pay for the subscription is everything but good. Microsoft has major problems with the payment system. It won't process payments at all actually. And the number of affected people is overwhelming looking at the App Hub Community forums. And it seems to have been a problem for a long time. Why haven't it been fixed?

ZeeYaa for iOS

The ZeeYaa team is proud to have finished the first major release for iOS devices.

ZeeYaa for iOS was submitted to the App Store 31 October 2011, we're still waiting for the review process to start, stay tuned on http://zeeyaa.com for detailed information.


As some of you might have noticed, I've been involved in a start-up called ZeeYaa. We have today released the first BETA to a number of users.

This release is iOS specific for now, and a Android application is already under development, no one will be left out. Did someone say Windows Phone 7? Well, we'll write an application for that as well, as soon as Mango has been starting to roll out from OEM's on some actual hardware.

Latest MacBook Air? Make sure to check what SSD you received

The new MacBook Air is great, but be sure to verify what SSD disk you got when y

The new MacBook Air is great, but be sure to verify what SSD disk you got when you purchased it. Otherwise you might have been given an old and much slower Toshiba disk instead of the Samsung disk that is/was? supposed to be shipped with the new Air.

So why does this matter? Well, simply put, make sure to get what you're paying good money for. And you will actually notice the speed difference if you compare the two disks to each other, even with simple tasks such as unzipping a fairly large zip file.


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