Creation of pools and FS

# Create a new pool with a list of drives
$ zpool create [pool name] /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd ...

# Create a new mirrored pool
$ sudo zpool create [pool name] mirror /dev/sdb /dev/sdc ...

# Get the status for a pool
$ zpool status [pool name]

# Create a new ZFS FS
$ zfs create [pool name]/[path] # Example zfs create mypool/data/movies

# Mount a pool on a specific path
$ zfs set mountpoint=/[path] [pool name] # Ex. zfs set mountpoint=/data/movies mypool

Properties and features

# Enable compression on a pool and/or pool path
$ zfs set compression=on [poolname] # Ex. zfs set compression=on mypool
$ zfs set compression=on [poolname]/[path] # Ex. zfs set compression=on mypool/movies

# Get compression ratio for all pools
$ zfs get compressratio

# Show basic usage and stats for all pools
$ zpool list


# Scrub a specific pool
$ zpool scrub [pool name]

# Import a pool by name
$ zpool import [poolname]

# Force the import (Useful when created on another system/install)
$ zpool import -f [poolname]