Microsoft's App Hub - Broken payment system and annoyance

I finally got my hands on the new HTC Titan device, it will mainly be used for developing apps. This brings us directly to the registration and payment process for Microsofts App Hub, it's required to be a paying member to be able to deploy applications to the App Hub and to be able to run & debug your applications from Visual Studio on your own device.

The experience for signing up and pay for the subscription is everything but good. Microsoft has major problems with the payment system. It won't process payments at all actually. And the number of affected people is overwhelming looking at the App Hub Community forums. And it seems to have been a problem for a long time. Why haven't it been fixed?

How AllTele failed one customer really bad

OK, so after a lot of back and forth with the higher up's at AllTele the matter has finally been sorted out. I've got my connection back up N running and a good sorry for all the hassle package to seattle the matter.

I've revised the content in this post to reflect what happend and what's been done to correct it. The communication is in Swedish.

Latest ATI driver is broken

FFS! AMD & ATI, how F'ing hard is it to test the releases BEFORE releasing to the general public. You just made me waste 2h of my life on rolling back and getting in depth on what you guys managed to screw up so I could fix it.

So, to everyone else, here's the deal. The latest ATI driver and catalyst control center (11.5), they forgot to sign the driver for Windows (at least for x64, haven't tested the 32-bit), making it not to install properly unless you've explicitly allowed the OS to install unsigned drivers. And you should not have that option enabled anyway.

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