OS X Lion GM Seed

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Well, a clean install of the Lion GM seed and the results is in. Looks good, seems much more stable and much needed settings for stuff such as Mission control and Launch pad has arrived in System Preferences.

Lion is right now actually usable, it doesn't crash as often as it did in some of the dev previews. Still no crash on different hardware (iMac 2011, MacBook PRO Late 2010).

A lot of my standard apps behaves a bit flaky, such as Firefox, but Mozilla and the other's will hopefully fix this before the actual release.

Windows 7 goes RTM today

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I have been using Windows 7 for some time now, and today, it will go RTM to all Microsoft ISV's, me included. Finally a OS that can replace Windows XP, and let's not even talk about Windows Vista.

Microsoft seems to have been doing a greate job with Windows 7. It has been performing very well for my doings and I sure hope it will continue to do so with the RTM version.

[13:12 UTC+2] No download available at MSDN partner site yet, waiting for it to show up.
[19:00 UTC+2] Download is available from the MSDN Subscriber download page.

KDE 4.3 finally released

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KDE 4.3

It's a great day, KDE 4.3 is available for download/upgrade.
The KDE community has fixed over 10,000 bugs and implemented almost 2,000 feature requests in the last 6 months. This is very impressive and it really shows in this great release.

I for one have been sceptic towards KDE 4 and especially the early releases. It's a brand new game now, everything works as expected and you get to work in a solid desktop enviroment loaded with lots and lots of eye candy.

openSuSE 11.2, mark your calendar!

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Mark November 12, the date for the final release of openSuSE 11.2. If you have some time during this summer, please consider participating in testing the milestone releases or contribute in some other way that may be within your area of expertise.

Some of the new features for end users:
For Gnome users, the Sonar theme seems to be one of the bigger GUI changes.
For KDE users, KDE 4.3 will be shipped, and hopefully it will be really stable and actually usable.

openSUSE and Apache with Mono 2.0

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So, I started to try to port some of my Web services running on IIS and Windows server to Linux (openSuSE). The first problem that occurred was that mod_mono is running with version 1.1 as default, nothing strange with that, but I need support for 2.0+
So, what to do you might ask, and here is the solution that got me up and running for a quick and dirty test. It's not a optimal config, but it's good enough for testing.

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