Manually Fixing Android Eclipse Projects

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I've spent a couple of hours migrating from IntelliJ to Eclipse and the bad part is that IntelliJ's Eclipse support plugin sucks if you want to export Android projects.

So after some googling around I came up with the following solution, manually editing the project files.

Take notice of the different buildSpec's as well as the natures defined. Eclipse does not have a UI to edit and add natures so this is a good way of rescuing a project file or just update a project to support Android builds.


Android & IntelliJ Git ignores

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Add the following entries to your .gitignore if you're using IDEA IntelliJ for Android development.
Since the ignore list will ignore jar files, you'll need to use git add -f if you need to add any lib's in the form of jar files.

# IDEA Ignores

# Generic Android ignores

It's also published at the awesome site gitignore;



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