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The proper Windows command window Part 4

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I've just finished up a new release of the Commander application. It's BETA 3. Follow the title to full article to read about it. Download inside as well!

The proper Windows command window Part 2

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After getting some positive feedback on the quick hack I did Monday night, I've continued to hack on the command window replacement for Windows.

I've made the command window a wee bit more stable, and removed some of the annoying flickering when listing large directories as one example.

The entire list of new features and improvements

The start of a proper command window for Windows

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After needing to do some work on Windows again, needing the command window (cmd.exe) I got really pissed. I need something better, something easy and something that doesn't limit me in my work. You know, like in Linux with Bash or Sh.

So, I've spent a couple of hours hacking on something that is currently in a working state, a easy to use command line tool that gives the user a proper Window with tabs and some nice colored output etc.

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