Manually Fixing Android Eclipse Projects

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I've spent a couple of hours migrating from IntelliJ to Eclipse and the bad part is that IntelliJ's Eclipse support plugin sucks if you want to export Android projects.

So after some googling around I came up with the following solution, manually editing the project files.

Take notice of the different buildSpec's as well as the natures defined. Eclipse does not have a UI to edit and add natures so this is a good way of rescuing a project file or just update a project to support Android builds.

Fixing Subclipse in Eclipse

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One annoying thing I see time after time is that Subclipse, a Subversion plugin in Eclipse is that it fails to use the native implementation. The fix is easy, just change to the Pure Java implementation and you're good to go without any annoying messages.
The error message you might get when trying to use Subclipse will look something like this:

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