Manually Fixing Android Eclipse Projects

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I've spent a couple of hours migrating from IntelliJ to Eclipse and the bad part is that IntelliJ's Eclipse support plugin sucks if you want to export Android projects.

So after some googling around I came up with the following solution, manually editing the project files.

Take notice of the different buildSpec's as well as the natures defined. Eclipse does not have a UI to edit and add natures so this is a good way of rescuing a project file or just update a project to support Android builds.

How to render smooth Gradients with Android

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If you're like me, you've probably noticed that when making gradients with Android, they might get rendered badly, it's not as smooth as it can be, especially when using the emulator.

To get nice and smooth gradients, you just need to add one line of code to you're Activity.

// Call this in you're onCreate() for ex.

The above code snippet will enable a much better and smoother look of you're gradient(s). But please be advised that this isn't a silver bullet, the downside is the following.

Clipboard Dialer 1.8 and 1.9

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Well, this was a fun exercise... I've added Swedish translation to my Clipboard Dialer application. It took two tries to get it to work right with Android market etc, but you always learn something new =)

Soo, to recap from my prev. post about v. 1.7, the only new in 1.8 and 1.9 is that it translates all texts etc to Swedish if that's you're locale.

Download it from Android market or just update it from the Market app on you're phone!


Clipboard Dialer 1.7

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I've just published Clipboard Dialer v. 1.7 to Market. Update or download your copy from the Android Market.

What's new

  • Using Android's Black theme as default
  • Better / nicer rendering of the main window
  • Better / nice rendering of list items etc
  • Removed dep. on custom graphics for the menu = smaller apk


Android & IntelliJ Git ignores

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Add the following entries to your .gitignore if you're using IDEA IntelliJ for Android development.
Since the ignore list will ignore jar files, you'll need to use git add -f if you need to add any lib's in the form of jar files.

# IDEA Ignores

# Generic Android ignores

It's also published at the awesome site gitignore;


Clipboard Dialer 1.6 Released

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I've made some small tweaks to Clipboard Dialer that makes it even better at extracting phone numbers with odd formatting.

There's not much else to report. The app is very stable and seems to be appreciated by it's users. So go get you're own copy for free if you haven't done it yet.


[Edit] Spelling...

Get your copy of Clipboard Dialer

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Having trouble dialing a phone number in your browser, an email or any other text based source? Clipboard Dialer is for you. Copy a page or section of text and open it with Clipboard Dialer and you'll be able to call and create contacts from all the valid phone numbers found in that text.

Grab it from the Android Market.
It's Free!

Clipboard Dialer 1.5 Released

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I've release Clipboard Dialer v. 1.5. This version only fixes some small bugs that's been reported.

* Numbers containing dots (.) was not properly recognized.
* Numbers was not always formatted according to the phones Locale when displayed in the main list.

Go get it!

Clipboard Dialer 1.4 Released

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I've release Clipboard Dialer v. 1.4. This version brings two new features.

* Speech input
* Speech to clipboard

Please note that you need to have Voice Search installed to be able to use this feature.

Go get it!

Clipboard Dialer 1.3

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I've release Clipboard Dialer v. 1.3. This version brings new features and some bug fixes.

New features
* Clear clipboard - Let's you clear the content of the clipboard.
* Edit clipboard - Let's you edit the content in the clipboard.

Bug fixes
* Same number could show multiple times. It now only extracts unique numbers.

Go get it!

Clipboard Dialer

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I've published Clipboard Dialer, an Android Application that extracts phone numbers from data located in your clipboard. It's a really simple application that gives you a list of all the phone numbers it finds from the clipboard. It will give you a list that allows you to easily call or create a contact from them.

To install it, search for Clipboard Dialer in Android Market!

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