Windows 10 notes

My own notes on Windows 10 post upgrade.

Get a better admin UI eg. GodMode
Create a new folder on the desktop with the following string: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Reboot every 24h due to a DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bug check eg. Blue screen.
- This seems to be solved in my case by re-enabling a page file since I was not using one in Win 8.1

- [UPDATE] It's now confirmed. Re-enabling a paging file solved this bug check. I don't get the DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bug check anymore.

Installed Start10 to get a proper start menu. I really don't like the addition of live tiles on my start menu. For Start10, see here

Some small annoyances

The notification center in Win10 is a PITA. For example, I get a new email in Outlook 2013 and when I've read it, the notification still hangs around in the notification center. I need to manually go in and clear it. I really hope they fix this ASAP.

Updated on the 12th of August

My new favorite C# language feature: [CallerMemberName]

With the release of Visual Studio 2012 and C# 4.5, [CallerMemberName] makes its entrance. With this new awesome feature you can write INotifyPropertyChanged code without having to worry about renaming properties and keeping strings in sync for the call to OnPropertyChanged(…).

Commander BETA 7

I've just made a new release of Commander. BETA 7 is downloadable via GitHub.
More info on what's been fixed etc is available on the wiki

Time to hit the grill and get some barbecue going!


I've spent some time on the Commander project this weekend, a lot of nice changes have been implemented and one of the bigger changes is the new Command API that let's a user/developer to write his/her own commands and plug it in. The built in commands uses this as well. I will continue on this for a bit more, but it seems to be working.

You can read about all the changes on Github

Commander BETA 5

I'm please to announce the release of Commander BETA 5. This release brings a lot of bug fixes and a couple of new features.

New features

  • Added support for drag & drop of files / folders from Windows explorer
  • Added support for drag & drop of text from other applications
  • A Clipboard manager. Access it using CTRL+SHIFT+V select from the available clips and insert
  • Context menu for the command window
  • Proper full screen support and multi-monitor support
  • A new command echo system allowing for extensibility and the possibility for dev's to write command extensions. (More on this later)
  • Command history / auto complete window; Activate with CTRL+Space

Commander BETA 3 - Updated

OK, so I've gotten some time to continue with the Commander application. The fixes and new features have been pushed to github.

The following new features has been added:
* URL/URI Recognition with click to open support
* Added setting for the prompt. Change to whatever color you like.

The following bugs have been fixed:
* Possible to input text inside the prompt.
* Possible to clear screen when in interactive mode.
* Output was sometimes "cut" when the read buffer was re-created.

Commander published on GitHub

I'm glad to announce that I've pushed my private Git Repo to GitHub so that everyone can take a look at the code, pull and fork if wanted etc.

You will find the Repo at
Hopefully, people will contribute with patches and feature requests there to make it as good as possible!


Commander BETA 3 - Screenshots

Follow title to get some screenshots of Commander BETA 3.

The proper Windows command window Part 4

I've just finished up a new release of the Commander application. It's BETA 3. Follow the title to full article to read about it. Download inside as well!

The proper Windows command window Part 3

OK, so I've spent some more time on the commander window. Here's what's new!

The proper Windows command window Part 2

After getting some positive feedback on the quick hack I did Monday night, I've continued to hack on the command window replacement for Windows.

I've made the command window a wee bit more stable, and removed some of the annoying flickering when listing large directories as one example.

The entire list of new features and improvements

The start of a proper command window for Windows

After needing to do some work on Windows again, needing the command window (cmd.exe) I got really pissed. I need something better, something easy and something that doesn't limit me in my work. You know, like in Linux with Bash or Sh.

So, I've spent a couple of hours hacking on something that is currently in a working state, a easy to use command line tool that gives the user a proper Window with tabs and some nice colored output etc.

Boot from vhd files with Windows 7

With Windows 7, you can use the bcdedit tool to boot into vhd files. This is really cool and useful if you, like me work as a Developer or if you are a IT professional responsible for testing new technology.

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