A session at DevSum 2013

Me and my co-worker Jevgeni Tsaikin will be doing the session "Skype for Windows Phone Does TDD" at DevSum 2013.

Join us as we walk you down our path towards Test-Driven Development. Over the last year, as we moved to adopt this approach, we overcame many obstacles, both technical and non-technical. In this session we are going to share the steps we took to making TDD our standard. We will dive into many technical details:

Compact Framework & Adding reference to System * problem

We've been having some problems with Compact Framework and referencing assemblies from the 3.5 release. The problem shows during compile time with a nice message like "Consider app.config remapping of assembly "System.Data, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=969db8053d3322ac, Retargetable=Yes" from Version "" [] to Version "" [c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\SDK\CompactFramework\v3.5\WindowsCE\System.Data.dll] to solve the conflict and get rid of all warnings."

NAUTIZ X5 - Camera Tweeks

The team ran into some problems using the C# CameraCaptureDialog class for taking pictures with the Compact Framework. When calling the ShowDialog() method it throws a OutOfMemoryException and the user is unable to capture a image.

To solve this problem, we tried to set the properties for Resolution and StillQuality for the CameraCaptureDialog but still no dice. It turns out that the OEM can force the settings written to the registry to override any properties applied for the CameraCaptureDialog class.

C# and SoapHttpClientProtocol with Java Axis based server

If you want to use a C# based client to connect to a Java Axis based Web service and if the server is using complex types, you might get into some troubles / strange behavior when making a call to a method using complex types as it's argument(s).

Here are some simple ways that might help you get it up and running.
First, make sure you use the correct namespace when adding the service reference.

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