WP7 BingMapsDirectionsTask bug(s)

Microsoft and WP7 are still struggling with encodings other than en-US (US-ASCII). A great example of this is the BingMapsDirectionsTask found in the WP7 Mango API's.

Calling this task with a culture like Swedish where the decimal separator is a , (comma) character instead of a . (dot) character, will make it fail to parse latitude & longitude data. This is 2011, soon to be 2012, how can the WP7 team miss something so crucial and in my eyes, obvious use case.

Microsoft's App Hub - Broken payment system and annoyance

I finally got my hands on the new HTC Titan device, it will mainly be used for developing apps. This brings us directly to the registration and payment process for Microsofts App Hub, it's required to be a paying member to be able to deploy applications to the App Hub and to be able to run & debug your applications from Visual Studio on your own device.

The experience for signing up and pay for the subscription is everything but good. Microsoft has major problems with the payment system. It won't process payments at all actually. And the number of affected people is overwhelming looking at the App Hub Community forums. And it seems to have been a problem for a long time. Why haven't it been fixed?

Exchange 2007 SP2 Install

I like many other ran into some problems while installing SP2 on Exchange 2007.
The main problem? Well, the action "Organization Preparation" fails.
The error:
You do not have permissions to read the security descriptor on CN=Deleted Objects,CN=Configuration,DC=[Company],DC=[Domain].

Windows 7 goes RTM today

I have been using Windows 7 for some time now, and today, it will go RTM to all Microsoft ISV's, me included. Finally a OS that can replace Windows XP, and let's not even talk about Windows Vista.

Microsoft seems to have been doing a greate job with Windows 7. It has been performing very well for my doings and I sure hope it will continue to do so with the RTM version.

[13:12 UTC+2] No download available at MSDN partner site yet, waiting for it to show up.
[19:00 UTC+2] Download is available from the MSDN Subscriber download page.

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