mysql-for-obj-c - New Release

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OK, I've manage to spend some time with the MySQL connection framework for Obj-C and a new release have been made public.

This release will support standard query handling such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. The result will be handled properly and you will be able to access it with column name and/or index etc... All the normal stuff one would expect.

mysql-for-obj-c - Current state

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The project is coming along great. We have the base functionality in place, tested and mostly working.

This weekend, I've planned to complete the STMT support for parametrized queries and start to write a little test application that uses the library to do some admin stuff as a proof of concept.

From what I've gathered from Tony, my partner in crime for this project, he's going to come up with a plan for the Core Data integration, I'm excited to see what he comes up with.

Obj-C and MySQL - Next generation

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I've just set up a google code project to host my next project, "MySQL for Obj-C". The project has only one simple goal.
* "Enabling Obj-C developers to easily and in a (natural or maybe native?) Obj-C way talk with MySQL servers."

This means niceties such as accessing data using built in types such as NSString, NSInteger NSDate etc. It will also incorporate Obj-C 2.0 garbage technology and fast enumeration. Later on Obj-C 2.1 features such as blocks will also be supported. More about the Obj-C 2.1 features later.

Windows 7 x64 on Apple Bootcamp

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If you are having problems running the boot camp installer in Windows 7 RC1 x64 edition or any other Windows 7 release, x32 or x64 thees Tips & Trix might help you get all the drivers installed.

First of, make sure you have your OS X installer DVD or CD that was delivered with your Mac.
Insert the CD or DVD and close the auto run dialog if it pops up.

Now, go to the windows explorer, WIN+E keyboard shortcut.
Navigate to the drive where you have the Boot camp files ( like D: or the like ).

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