Ubuntu 16.04 - Unity - Laggy window resize when using NVIDIA GPUs

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After some time trying to ignore the resize window lag I hit my limit, every time I have chrome, chromium or any electron enabled app running the window resizing becomes excruciatingly slow in Unity.

After some searching around and looking in Chrome/Chromiums bug databases it seems that whenever you run the browser with GPU acceleration enabled this issue occurs. If it's NVIDIAS fault or if it's the devs behind Chrome/Chromium I can't say... But I did manage to find a fix for it.

Do note that this doesn't apply if you're using the Nouveau driver.


Upgrade Windows 10 Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04

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First off, this is unsupported, so do it at your own risk. You have been warned!

The Linux Subsystem (WSL) is a great thing on Windows 10. All cred to Microsoft for this. Well done so far. But there is one annoying thing here, the Ubuntu version is still 14.04 and albeit being a LTS release, 16.04 has been out long enough to have recv. it's first patch release. My servers has already been upgraded for example. So it is only natural that I would like to upgrade my Win10 Ubuntu install to 16.04 as well.

But, there are some problems, and this is that it is not supported to run, or more concrete, it crashes when you try to run the upgrade... So, let's see what we can do to work around this issue and try to upgrade...


Ubuntu 16.04 WiFi issues - How to perhaps fix it for you as well...

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UPDATED - There have been plenty of reports regarding WiFi issues on Ubuntu 16.04. The majority of issues seems to stem from suspend/resume issues where the network would not re-connect, show the wrong icon in the top bar or similar.

The temporary workaround for this is to restart the network manager if you have no network at all, or, if you have network but the nm applet is showing the wrong status, just restart the nm applet.

Restart network manager.
sudo service network-manager restart

Restart the nm applet.
killall nm-applet && nm-applet &

How to fix it

So, this might or it might not work for you dep. on what issue you've been experiencing...


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