ZeeYaa for iOS

The ZeeYaa team is proud to have finished the first major release for iOS devices.

ZeeYaa for iOS was submitted to the App Store 31 October 2011, we're still waiting for the review process to start, stay tuned on for detailed information.

Latest MacBook Air? Make sure to check what SSD you received

The new MacBook Air is great, but be sure to verify what SSD disk you got when y

The new MacBook Air is great, but be sure to verify what SSD disk you got when you purchased it. Otherwise you might have been given an old and much slower Toshiba disk instead of the Samsung disk that is/was? supposed to be shipped with the new Air.

So why does this matter? Well, simply put, make sure to get what you're paying good money for. And you will actually notice the speed difference if you compare the two disks to each other, even with simple tasks such as unzipping a fairly large zip file.

OS X Lion RTM & GM

OK, so Apple finally pushed the Lion seed as RTM, and yes, it's the same as the GM pushed to dev's a couple of weeks back. The MD5 is the same for the two files and it will most probably be marked as already installed in App Store if you've downloaded the GM release.

Xcode, Eclipse and Visual Studio.

When developing on the Apple platform, one will get a free IDE and free developer tools. That's nice. No extra charge, just download and install from Apple.

But how good is the free IDE, Xcode. Well, I'm going to compare some basic features. I work most with Eclipse and Visual Studio .NET but now days I'm also using Obj-C and Cocoa targeting OS X, and yes, Xcode is the IDE of my choice.

Obj-C/Cocoa and embedded frameworks

Apple is known to make things simple, right?
Well, as it turns out, they have definitely forgotten about developers, we don't get all the fancy helpers and nice applications (sexy applications) that we actually could get if Apple just put some effort in it. Look at Microsoft, they have been spending a lot of time making the developer tools they offer into a world class framework for developers around the world. Nothing even comes close to Visual studio for example.

Windows 7 x64 on Apple Bootcamp

If you are having problems running the boot camp installer in Windows 7 RC1 x64 edition or any other Windows 7 release, x32 or x64 thees Tips & Trix might help you get all the drivers installed.

First of, make sure you have your OS X installer DVD or CD that was delivered with your Mac.
Insert the CD or DVD and close the auto run dialog if it pops up.

Now, go to the windows explorer, WIN+E keyboard shortcut.
Navigate to the drive where you have the Boot camp files ( like D: or the like ).

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