OS X Lion RTM & GM

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OK, so Apple finally pushed the Lion seed as RTM, and yes, it's the same as the GM pushed to dev's a couple of weeks back. The MD5 is the same for the two files and it will most probably be marked as already installed in App Store if you've downloaded the GM release.

OS X Lion GM Seed

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Well, a clean install of the Lion GM seed and the results is in. Looks good, seems much more stable and much needed settings for stuff such as Mission control and Launch pad has arrived in System Preferences.

Lion is right now actually usable, it doesn't crash as often as it did in some of the dev previews. Still no crash on different hardware (iMac 2011, MacBook PRO Late 2010).

A lot of my standard apps behaves a bit flaky, such as Firefox, but Mozilla and the other's will hopefully fix this before the actual release.

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