Windows 7 goes RTM today

I have been using Windows 7 for some time now, and today, it will go RTM to all Microsoft ISV's, me included. Finally a OS that can replace Windows XP, and let's not even talk about Windows Vista.

Microsoft seems to have been doing a greate job with Windows 7. It has been performing very well for my doings and I sure hope it will continue to do so with the RTM version.

[13:12 UTC+2] No download available at MSDN partner site yet, waiting for it to show up.
[19:00 UTC+2] Download is available from the MSDN Subscriber download page.

KDE 4.3 finally released

KDE 4.3

It's a great day, KDE 4.3 is available for download/upgrade.
The KDE community has fixed over 10,000 bugs and implemented almost 2,000 feature requests in the last 6 months. This is very impressive and it really shows in this great release.

I for one have been sceptic towards KDE 4 and especially the early releases. It's a brand new game now, everything works as expected and you get to work in a solid desktop enviroment loaded with lots and lots of eye candy.

Obj-C and MySQL - Next generation

I've just set up a google code project to host my next project, "MySQL for Obj-C". The project has only one simple goal.
* "Enabling Obj-C developers to easily and in a (natural or maybe native?) Obj-C way talk with MySQL servers."

This means niceties such as accessing data using built in types such as NSString, NSInteger NSDate etc. It will also incorporate Obj-C 2.0 garbage technology and fast enumeration. Later on Obj-C 2.1 features such as blocks will also be supported. More about the Obj-C 2.1 features later.

Xcode, Eclipse and Visual Studio.

When developing on the Apple platform, one will get a free IDE and free developer tools. That's nice. No extra charge, just download and install from Apple.

But how good is the free IDE, Xcode. Well, I'm going to compare some basic features. I work most with Eclipse and Visual Studio .NET but now days I'm also using Obj-C and Cocoa targeting OS X, and yes, Xcode is the IDE of my choice.

Vacation time - My personal summer of code!

I finally have some time for my self and just playing around with new technology, do some hacking and just relax. For the firs time in a very long time I feel really relaxed. This is going to be the best vacation, ever!

Obj-C/Cocoa and embedded frameworks

Apple is known to make things simple, right?
Well, as it turns out, they have definitely forgotten about developers, we don't get all the fancy helpers and nice applications (sexy applications) that we actually could get if Apple just put some effort in it. Look at Microsoft, they have been spending a lot of time making the developer tools they offer into a world class framework for developers around the world. Nothing even comes close to Visual studio for example.

openSuSE 11.2, mark your calendar!

Mark November 12, the date for the final release of openSuSE 11.2. If you have some time during this summer, please consider participating in testing the milestone releases or contribute in some other way that may be within your area of expertise.

Some of the new features for end users:
For Gnome users, the Sonar theme seems to be one of the bigger GUI changes.
For KDE users, KDE 4.3 will be shipped, and hopefully it will be really stable and actually usable.

Windows 7 x64 on Apple Bootcamp

If you are having problems running the boot camp installer in Windows 7 RC1 x64 edition or any other Windows 7 release, x32 or x64 thees Tips & Trix might help you get all the drivers installed.

First of, make sure you have your OS X installer DVD or CD that was delivered with your Mac.
Insert the CD or DVD and close the auto run dialog if it pops up.

Now, go to the windows explorer, WIN+E keyboard shortcut.
Navigate to the drive where you have the Boot camp files ( like D: or the like ).

More Windows RDC - Trix

OK, we have probably got this error once or twice. “The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections. The system cannot log you on. Please try again or consult your system administrator”.

So, can we get around this without trying to contact or go to the other computers that actually is logged in to the server? Well of course. Open a Command window and enter the following information.

mstsc /admin /console /v:[HOST_NAME]
This command will make sure you get logged in to the server and you can from there, remote log out logged in users.

Windows 7 & RDC through SSH tunnel

OK, we had some problems using a SSH tunnel via localhost on Windows 7 today. It seems that the problem lies within the RDC client validating the address on witch it connects to.

Even that we use another port, the client will complain about a session already running when connecting to localhost:[PORT NUMBER].

The simple solution, replace localhost or with[PORT NUMBER]


I started to use ASP.NET MVC, and I have to say, it's incredibly easy to learn and use. Development time is cut with at least 30-40% and I can spend more time on implementing the business logic and data access.Routing is another thing that have been improved, instead of using pure query strings, you build routes. This enables you to build clean URLs in a very simple way. As a ex. you would write a link as /Blog/Edit/4232 instead of /Blog/Edit.aspx?id=4232.
You had the capability to do routing before MVC, but MVC simplifies it alot.

openSUSE and Apache with Mono 2.0

So, I started to try to port some of my Web services running on IIS and Windows server to Linux (openSuSE). The first problem that occurred was that mod_mono is running with version 1.1 as default, nothing strange with that, but I need support for 2.0+
So, what to do you might ask, and here is the solution that got me up and running for a quick and dirty test. It's not a optimal config, but it's good enough for testing.


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