Android & IntelliJ Git ignores

Add the following entries to your .gitignore if you're using IDEA IntelliJ for Android development.
Since the ignore list will ignore jar files, you'll need to use git add -f if you need to add any lib's in the form of jar files.

# IDEA Ignores

# Generic Android ignores

It's also published at the awesome site gitignore;


Commander BETA 5

I'm please to announce the release of Commander BETA 5. This release brings a lot of bug fixes and a couple of new features.

New features

  • Added support for drag & drop of files / folders from Windows explorer
  • Added support for drag & drop of text from other applications
  • A Clipboard manager. Access it using CTRL+SHIFT+V select from the available clips and insert
  • Context menu for the command window
  • Proper full screen support and multi-monitor support
  • A new command echo system allowing for extensibility and the possibility for dev's to write command extensions. (More on this later)
  • Command history / auto complete window; Activate with CTRL+Space

Commander BETA 3 - Updated

OK, so I've gotten some time to continue with the Commander application. The fixes and new features have been pushed to github.

The following new features has been added:
* URL/URI Recognition with click to open support
* Added setting for the prompt. Change to whatever color you like.

The following bugs have been fixed:
* Possible to input text inside the prompt.
* Possible to clear screen when in interactive mode.
* Output was sometimes "cut" when the read buffer was re-created.

Commander published on GitHub

I'm glad to announce that I've pushed my private Git Repo to GitHub so that everyone can take a look at the code, pull and fork if wanted etc.

You will find the Repo at
Hopefully, people will contribute with patches and feature requests there to make it as good as possible!


Commander BETA 3 - Screenshots

Follow title to get some screenshots of Commander BETA 3.

The proper Windows command window Part 4

I've just finished up a new release of the Commander application. It's BETA 3. Follow the title to full article to read about it. Download inside as well!

The proper Windows command window Part 3

OK, so I've spent some more time on the commander window. Here's what's new!

The proper Windows command window Part 2

After getting some positive feedback on the quick hack I did Monday night, I've continued to hack on the command window replacement for Windows.

I've made the command window a wee bit more stable, and removed some of the annoying flickering when listing large directories as one example.

The entire list of new features and improvements

Firefox sync deletes bookmarks?

I had a scare yesterday evening, some of my bookmarks in Firefox seemed to be gone, and since I use Firefox sync, I thought, well, they should be there, let's just remove the sync with this computer and set it up again, well, wrong. Got even less data back this time... WTF!

The start of a proper command window for Windows

After needing to do some work on Windows again, needing the command window (cmd.exe) I got really pissed. I need something better, something easy and something that doesn't limit me in my work. You know, like in Linux with Bash or Sh.

So, I've spent a couple of hours hacking on something that is currently in a working state, a easy to use command line tool that gives the user a proper Window with tabs and some nice colored output etc.

openSUSE 11.4 GM

After the dust has settled and I've used the GM release for a couple of days I thought that I would write up what does and doesn't work for my part.

Stuff that doesn't work
VMWare workstation; It will not compile the needed modules after install. A patch was made for 11.4 RC1 if I remember correctly, but it doesn't seem to be updated to support the GM release yet.

openSUSE 11.4 < 24h to release

In about 21 hours, writing time. openSUSE 11.4 will be released into the wild. Finally. This is one release I've really waited for. Aldo I have been running it on my main machine for the past week via the RC2 release, but it's always nice to be able to do that final upgrade to the stable GM release.

So, what's new in openSUSE 11.4? Well, a lot, as usual =)

* KDE 4.6
* Kernel 2.6.37
* LibreOffice (First stable release)
* And many many more...

Something not tech related

Well, this is something that many didn't expect me to announce.
Saturday afternoon 26'th of February 2011, me and my girlfriend got engaged. The wedding will be in late August or early September 2011.

openSUSE 11.4

Soon, a new version of openSUSE will be released. It will bring many nice improvements, but for my part, the most important one is KDE 4.6. I think that I might have used this line before, but it's really what I do feel about KDE. "KDE 4 is finally ready for mainstream usage". KDE 4 in it's early releases was horrible to say the least.

KDE 4.6 is so much easier to use, and the overall experience just feels awesome, it doesn't get in my way while working with something, it just works and enables me to work in a more efficient way.

A brand spanking new site

I have finally finalized the migration to Drupal 7. The server has also moved to a new cloud based server provided by Linode.

Drupal 7 is, pure joy to work with, it has been drastically improved since last time I used Drupal (6.1.x something) . Go get your own copy and try it out! =)

The Drupal theme I use is developed by


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