Microsoft's App Hub - Broken payment system and annoyance

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I finally got my hands on the new HTC Titan device, it will mainly be used for developing apps. This brings us directly to the registration and payment process for Microsofts App Hub, it's required to be a paying member to be able to deploy applications to the App Hub and to be able to run & debug your applications from Visual Studio on your own device.

The experience for signing up and pay for the subscription is everything but good. Microsoft has major problems with the payment system. It won't process payments at all actually. And the number of affected people is overwhelming looking at the App Hub Community forums. And it seems to have been a problem for a long time. Why haven't it been fixed?

I'm still not able to pay for my membership, and that means that I still can't deploy my application to my new shiny device. Microsoft Sweden is completely useless as always and the App Hub support crew seems to be busy doing everything else then to work on solving the problem.

I can see why Microsoft is having problems to attract developers when a thing that is so crucial isn't working. Compared to Google's Market where signing up took less than 10 minutes without a hiccup this is a joke.

Six days after reporting this to the app hub support via email, they issued a token to let me in and then manually processed the payment. Good for me, but still, this should just work.