OS X Lion RTM & GM

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OK, so Apple finally pushed the Lion seed as RTM, and yes, it's the same as the GM pushed to dev's a couple of weeks back. The MD5 is the same for the two files and it will most probably be marked as already installed in App Store if you've downloaded the GM release.

So, is this a good or a bad thing, well, it's both. It means that Apple haven't spent time on fixing some major issues found during BETA and GM testing, wich is a big mistake if you ask me, especially if you have access to browse around the closed dev forums, there is a lot of issues concerning "enterprise" stuff such as AD integration and SMB management wich just doesn't work, at all or just barley but takes a lot of time.

The good part is that I as a developer and early tester don't have to pay for the RTM, wich is as it should be. People have spent a lot of time reporting issues and trying out stuff for Apple, for free, so the least they can do is to give them a free copy of the RTM release wich is just $29, but the money is not the problem or cause for it in this case. We just want stuff to be working as intended!

To summarize, Lion is OK, but it needs some love from the dev's to squash some serious bugs and it still doesn't feel quite as polished as it should be. But all in all, it works and it doesn't crash during install or update anymore.

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