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I've spent some time on the Commander project this weekend, a lot of nice changes have been implemented and one of the bigger changes is the new Command API that let's a user/developer to write his/her own commands and plug it in. The built in commands uses this as well. I will continue on this for a bit more, but it seems to be working.

You can read about all the changes on Github

Stuff not working for the moment...

Well, the tab syncing with Windows 7's Aero Peek is a bit shaky. It will throw some exceptions now and then. I'm planning on fixing this ASAP, it's the biggest annoyance right now :P

The shell might fail when an app / script is requesting input that's supposed to be hidden, it will show the text/password you type in in plain text... Don't know how to fix this right now, someone else who has an idea? Please drop me an email, comment or tweet!

The shell also fails when doing a git push and the key password should be given for example, this just blanks the shell right now... same as above, not sure on how to fix it, but I will def. spend time on it since I do use the app my self.

Next release

The next release is scheduled for June 6'th, Sweden's national day. It will be BETA 7 and all mentioned above will be part of that release, and hopefully even more.

See the Github Wiki for more details.



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