The proper Windows command window Part 2

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After getting some positive feedback on the quick hack I did Monday night, I've continued to hack on the command window replacement for Windows.

I've made the command window a wee bit more stable, and removed some of the annoying flickering when listing large directories as one example.

The entire list of new features and improvements

  • End a tab shell with exit command
  • Navigate between tabs with CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
  • Removed horizontal scroll bar
  • Pasting something would not focus and do the input on the command line
  • Output rendering was flickering
  • Removed the Always on top behavior
  • The current prompt line wasn't always visible when scrolling to bottom of a tab.
  • The app would crash if you entered a cd command without arguments.
  • It's now possible to
    • give a tab a specific name
    • change the back and text-colors and font properties
  • Output that is error responses etc are highlighted in red (will be customizable later on)

Known bugs/missing features

  • Copy/Paste/Cut
  • History
  • Change engine (PoweShell, CMD and Cygwin) only CMD currently
  • And more...

» Download it here

If you have ideas on what should be part of this app, please drop a comment below.
// Mac

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