Ubuntu 16.04 - Unity - Laggy window resize when using NVIDIA GPUs

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After some time trying to ignore the resize window lag I hit my limit, every time I have chrome, chromium or any electron enabled app running the window resizing becomes excruciatingly slow in Unity.

After some searching around and looking in Chrome/Chromiums bug databases it seems that whenever you run the browser with GPU acceleration enabled this issue occurs. If it's NVIDIAS fault or if it's the devs behind Chrome/Chromium I can't say... But I did manage to find a fix for it.

Do note that this doesn't apply if you're using the Nouveau driver.

So, how to fix it?
In Chrome/Chromium you can just go in under Settings and expand the Advanced options, you will find a checkbox there named "Use hardware acceleration when available", uncheck and restart and that one is fixed.

If you use electron based apps such as Skype for Linux Alpha; Sublime; Atom; or Slack you will need to modify each applications launcher file and add


to it's startup args.

I'll provide an example of how I fixed Sublime Text, rinse and repeat for any other electron app you have installed and if needed.

$ locate sublime_text.desktop

vi /usr/share/applications/sublime_text.desktop

When you have opened up the file, find the Exec= part and insert --disable-gpu like this

 Name=Sublime Text
 GenericName=Text Editor
 Comment=Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose
 Exec=/opt/sublime_text/sublime_text --disable-gpu %F

That's it, hopefully this will get you smooth responsive window resizing restored while we wait for a fix from the NVIDIA and/or Chrome/Chromium teams.

Happy Hacking!



Going to try this

I installed Ubuntu two days ago (first time trying a linux distro). Been having issues with the same thing, and just thought it was a linux thing, so I wiped the drive haha. Glad I came across your post. Going to reinstall and give it a shot.

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Happy to help

Good to hear. Welcome to the world of Linux :)


This was a huge help! Thank you so much for the clear and good explanation. :)

Thanks !

Really helpful...This issue had been bothering me for a while now.

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