I’m Marcus, an Engineer living in Sweden with my wife and son.
During the days I spend my time on solving problems with software, and at times also in combination with hardware.

Some notable games and project I’ve worked on

  • AAA Games

    • Battlefield 4
    • Battlefield Hardline
    • Battlefield 1
    • Battlefield V
    • Starwars Battlefront II
  • Software

    • Skype client
    • VoIP frameworks

What I specialize in

Software design with performance in mind lies close to my heart. I find it really fun to optimize code to go faster and use less resources as an example.

With that in mind, I’ve been reading and writing a lot of C++ code over the last decade. So I would call myself fairly sufficient at coding in C++.

I also dabble a fair bit in C# and WPF/WinForms.

Mobile applications are fun to write, and I’ve written a few for both iOS and Android. I much prefer writing iOS applications as I find Java and Android to be way too cumbersome and annoying. Nowadays, if I have to target Android I will use Xamarin just to be able to get away from Java. With Xamarin I get to write code in C#, and IMHO that just comes out much more readable and clean compared to Java.

You can find me…

Over at Twitter @grenangen
Over at LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/grenangen
Over at Telegram grenangen