Raped by Gnome 3

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Well, yes. It's a sensational headline, but I can't find another way of putting it. Me and a colleague was pair programing, he's running Fedora witch is a great distro, but, it suffers from Gnome 3 and I had to suffer through two days of Gnome 3.

Gnome 3 in short, is a monstrosity that gets in your way all the time, really all the time, and to whomever is in charge for usability and design, please make a career change, cause you're a bad bad designer / interaction designer / usability expert or whatever you call yourself.

openSUSE 11.3 soon to be released

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It's finally starting to get close to the new openSUSE release, this time it's 11.3 that's on it's way out of the door. And it will be released on July 15.

There are a lot of new and improved stuff in this release. Take a look at the initial screenshot tour and later on I will try to have a more detailed write up about what's new.

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